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A welcome letter from our founder


Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to consider becoming a Wrethink customer by getting acquainted with Rosy and all she has to offer. 

Rosy has been a dream for many years, ever since I realized that my folks had troves of old photos and papers that I’d inherit, and I wanted to memorialize all the colorful stories they represented.

Having started several technology companies, including GreatCall, where I innovated the simplified Jitterbug cellular phone for seniors, I dreamed about the technology that should be stitched together and the software needed to make the process of bringing memories alive for future generations possible. Plus, we had to make sure that all your images were shareable in the here and now – in real time – and that loved ones could chime in with their own stories.

Rosy represents several years of study, careful planning and lots of love from the Wrethink family, who are right now actually making her happen.

We are on a mission: we want to give you the tools you need to enable your family to be the best it can be with what the respectful creation of technology can do. With Rosy, you and your family will enjoy a wonderful experience and the peace of mind of knowing there’s a secure place where your digital records are saved, backed up and used to return to you intelligent services for you and your family. 

Save time, be secure, help you — that’s what Rosy will do.

Thank you for considering Rosy. I hope you will become our customer. 

You can reach out to me directly by filling out the form below. I read each and every message I get and respond as soon as I am able.

— Arlene Harris (Founder)