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20 fun family activities to do together

We all live busy lives, and it's not always easy to find time together as a family. Between driving children back and forth to sports practices or those late nights at the office, carving out space for downtime and connection can seem impossible.

Ways to track and organize receipts

It can be overwhelming to track expenses. With receipts coming at you in various mediums like those that appear in your inbox, or the paper copies that end up shoved into the bottom of your bag, there should be a better way to keep and manage your receipts. Luckily, there are various ways to track and organize receipts to help keep your life and your inbox clutter-free. Receipt tracking software can help you digitize and manage every document, so it is organized, viewable, and entirely online.

7 tips on how to transfer photos from your phone to your computer

Gone are the days of disposable cameras and 1-hour photo printing. With today's technological advancements, people can take instant digital pictures with the ease of their cellphones. However, taking amazing photographs with a cellphone often creates hundreds, if not thousands of pictures stored on a single device. Each image or video recording takes up a specific amount of space, and that space can quickly take over a phone's storage capacities. To both save your cherished memories and reclaim your phone's storage, you should regularly transfer your photo and video data from your phone to your computer. 

How to build a good family routine

A set family routine builds strong bonds For many years, accepted pediatric and psychological research has indicated that families with a set family routine are better adjusted emotionally and socially, and even perform better at school and work. Familial relationships and bonds become stronger, as well. Routine creates a sense of consistency and calm for many people.