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Posts in Storytelling

Remember and share your love story

Love is a fundamental piece of the human condition, whether it’s romantic, familial, friendship, or something altogether different. We love the concept of love, so much so that you can find love stories a thousand years old or more sung in ballads or recorded in paintings.

What kids learn from hearing family stories

From the time a child is in the womb, parents hear all about how important it is to read to their children. It's a well-documented fact that children with parents who read, sing, and talk to them every day develop a better sense of language and self. However, books aren’t the only place these stories can be found. Family stories are equally, if not more, important.

How to tell family history through stories

Connecting with family through storytelling It all started when my best friend discovered her ancestor was a famous musician. My other friends and I had never thought too intensely about our family history , but now we were interested. Who were our ancestors ? What did our family tree look like?