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Remember and share your love story

Love is a fundamental piece of the human condition, whether it’s romantic, familial, friendship, or something altogether different. We love the concept of love, so much so that you can find love stories a thousand years old or more sung in ballads or recorded in paintings.

We’re a far cry from using parchment and quills to write love poems these days. The option is still there, of course, but we live in a time of pocket computers and recording devices. Technology opens so many doors to share your love story with the world – or at least record it for your own perusal.

There are so many reasons to keep a record of your most precious memories. It can be tough to figure out the right way to do that, so here’s some advice for telling your story.

Why share your love story?

You might be wondering, “Why should I record and share my love story at all? Who is this for?”

First and foremost, your story is for you and your loved one. All those wonderful memories already live inside both of your heads, but it’s possible that you remember things a bit differently. Love can be such a unique experience that even if you know your partner as intimately as possible, there may still be a few things you don’t know about one another.

For example:

  • When did you each first realize you were in love?
  • What did you both do to get ready for that first date?
  • Was there a specific moment when you thought “this is it?”
  • What’s your fondest memory from those early days?
  • Who said “I love you” first?
  • Which little mementos did you keep and why?

Take a few minutes to ask your significant other these questions. The answers may surprise you!

This is the perfect illustration for why recording your love story is so special. It’ll give you unique insight into how your favorite person views you and vice versa. More than that, it gives you the opportunity to relive special memories and enjoy your journey all over again from the beginning.

Perhaps you’d just like to remember wedding day festivities in particular or you have an anniversary coming up and you’d like to have a slideshow to share with close friends and family. No matter your reason, everyone adores a good love story.

If we didn’t, bookshelves wouldn’t be lined with romance novels and there wouldn’t be entire networks dedicated to sugar-sweet movies.

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How do you tell a love story?

You’ve decided you’re ready to commit your story to your preferred medium, whether it’s photos, video, audio, or a combination. Fantastic! Now… where do you begin?

At the beginning, naturally! Though that’s easier said than done, we know. Depending on when your love story began, you might be attempting to find mementos and photos from decades ago. And once you find them, what then?

Here are a few steps that should help.

Collect all the important mementos

First things first: gather all your favorite memories in one place. It’s likely that bits of your love history are scattered everywhere, from shoeboxes in the closet to photos taken with your phone. For now, digital images and recordings get their own special category, but everything physical can be stored in one location.

Don’t restrict yourself to only photographs, either. Anything goes! Memorable newspaper clippings, ticket stubs from dates, the first card you received as a couple, typed or handwritten wedding vows, your marriage certificate – it’s all part of the story.

Make audio notes of favorite memories

Collecting all the physical reminders of your romance is an excellent way to stir your memory. Once you look over everything, it’s likely that you’ll start recalling moments that meant a great deal to you.

Take advantage of the rush of memories and grab your phone to start taking audio notes. With Rosy Home, you can record voice memos as well. Nothing needs to be super polished on the first pass. If you’d like to make a cleaner recording at some point, your memos will serve as the perfect jumping point for creating a script.

Getting those thoughts out as they come will ensure you don’t miss a thing. As often as we tell ourselves “I’ll remember this later,” it’s frequently not the case. You have the technology around you all the time – all you have to do is use it!

Watch old videos together

Speaking of dates, why not make a “date night” of watching all your favorite videos together? You probably have tons of videos stored of vacations, family outings, the wedding, early dates, and more.

Pop some popcorn, pour some wine, find yourself some video casting software and create an impromptu movie night. Relive all those fabulous memories and choose your favorites together. If you’re feeling especially techie, you can even figure out how to edit clips into a cleaner compilation.

It's wise to be mindful that video can take up more drive space than photos, but with rapidly improving storage abilities in most mobile devices and home consoles, it’s less of a concern than it used to be. There are tons of apps available that let you edit video and add in a voiceover directly on your phone, including the Rosy Go app!

Start creating a timeline

Once you have all your best lovey-dovey memories in one place, you can begin piecing together your timeline. Every love story has a beginning. What’s yours?

It’s simple enough to find dates attached to any digital files you have, but the physical photos and mementos may prove more of a challenge. Any ticket stubs or clippings will probably have a date attached, while guesswork might be involved with the photos. You know when certain events in your life happened, so you should be able to figure out the puzzle pretty quickly.

You can create a filing system, an album, or simply lay everything out on the floor, whatever works best for you! Start with items from around your first meeting if you knew one another for a while before dating. You might even want to go further back than that. Baby pictures and childhood dreams of fairytale romance are a sweet touch!

Decide how to string it all together

Now that you have all the pieces in place, you can begin to thread them together. You have plenty of options – slideshow, video, digital scrapbook, voiceover. The options are endless and totally up to you!

Even if you don’t have much technical know-how, technology like Rosy Home and the Rosy Go app make telling your story easy. All you need to do is figure out how you’d like to tell it.

You might choose to include music that’s special to you, or read poetry, or record your wedding vows. Maybe you’d like to keep it simple and arrange your keepsakes and photos in order so you can look through them from beginning to end. Get creative!

Scan and upload everything

Time to go digital! You have everything you need and you know how to tell your story, so go ahead and start scanning everything in.

Rosy Home makes this super simple. With Rosy, you can scan everything from ticket stubs and wedding invitations to photos and written records. There are plenty of ways to add voice memos and upload video. Best of all, everything is totally private and secure. If you’d like to share, you choose exactly how and when to share your love story with friends and family.

Share the love

Always remember to share! It’s been a tough year out there for everyone, so a little bit of joy is welcome. The people you care about would love to hear all about your happy love story.

As the old adage says, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a digital love story is worth a thousand pictures. You can keep everything that’s important to you in one place and relive the fun stuff all over again any time you want. From the first stirrings of adoration to heartfelt declarations of love and the life you built together, it’s a beautiful journey every single time.


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