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How to make Mother’s Day special

Mother’s Day can still be a special day, even in these challenging times. Here are some easy ideas.

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, you might be wondering what ways you can make the holiday truly special for Mom, especially as we are facing the challenges of spending increasingly more time at home. Wracking your brain trying to come up with meaningful, yet easy, ways to make Mom feel special this year? No worries! We’ve got some do-it-yourself gifts that will make this Mother’s Day a memorable one.

Mothers love memories

Sparkly baubles and posh spa days are all well and good, but what matters most are the special memories you make together. Every mom loves to be reminded of the good times, the proud moments, and the family triumphs.

Consider do-it-yourself projects that feature favorite family memories. DIY projects are heartfelt by nature. When you craft something by hand, you’re putting a little of yourself into every piece of it. That’s tangible love. Every homemade gift is an opportunity to tie a beautiful memory to something that Mom can keep forever. Whenever she looks at it, she’ll feel that warm glow and remember how much she’s loved.

Beyond coming straight from the heart, going DIY is practical. Mother’s Day DIY gifts can be created with items already on hand or easily found on the weekly store run. It’s cost-effective, but more importantly, it’s one-of-a-kind. You don’t have to drop big bucks to give a gift that’s unique and meaningful, and it’s easy to create when you’re at home.

Find those DIY materials

Time to start taking stock of what you have around the house and gathering your materials together! Be open to anything and get creative. The most important items to find are your old family photos and clippings. You know, the ones that have been sitting in boxes for years! It’s time to break them out.

Also take stock of all the seemingly random items that are lying around your house. Junk drawer full of twine, ribbon, tape, clips, and glue? Let it shine.

Here's a list of household bits and bobs that are perfect for crafting:

  • Rice

  • Old (clean!) socks and stockings

  • Scraps of fabric and lace

  • Flowers

  • Photographs

  • School art projects

  • String lights

  • Colorful thumbtacks or clips

  • Paint or dye

  • Candle stubs

  • Varnish, clear glue, or sealant

  • Sponges or rags

  • Wax paper

  • Use your imagination!

Your only limitation is your creativity. Nearly anything can be repurposed into potential DIY supplies, from fishing line to abandoned toys.

Now let’s get to the special Mother’s Day projects!

mother and daughter hugging

Easy photo gifts to make Mom feel special on Mother’s Day

  1. Photos gifts for Mom in unique mediums

    As they say, a photo is worth a thousand words. Pictures are moments frozen in time, memories that instantly bring back the best in us. Why not create something from those memories that she gets to see and use every day?

    Picking up a few nice frames is wonderful in and of itself, but we can do one better. Consider all the unique ways you can display a photograph — as décor around the house, a hanging mobile, throw pillows on the bed, and more.

    A shadow box is always a fantastic choice because you can use a variety of objects to create a custom look. Almost anything goes, as long as it fits. Dried flowers, photos, children’s drawings, cards, small knickknacks, keys, ribbon, and a whole lot more. For an extra special touch, custom paint the frame! You don’t have to be an artist – even a few paint splatters make a fun addition.

    Handy with a needle and thread? All you need for a perfect personalized gift is inkjet printer fabric, some durable cloth, a sewing kit, and this tutorial on how to make a simple throw pillow. Choose your favorite photo, print it on the printable fabric, and stitch away!

    An important note: if you’re planning on using something irreplaceable in your project, make sure that’s okay before you do. Mom might have other plans for that wedding photo of her grandparents! At the very least, make sure you create a digital record first.

  2. Beautiful wall art

    Collages are a wonderful way to display and celebrate favorite family memories. You can use anything from photos to book pages and shape them into a heart or star, then frame them or attach backing. For a retro look, try these DIY Polaroid pictures that don’t even require a camera.

    For the truly adventurous, try your hand at a wall clock. Find an older analog clock (the kind with hands) you can repurpose and make sure it still works. Using a photo editing program, take your favorite family photograph and add numbers in an appropriate clock formation. You may even be able to find a clock template online.

    Once you have your clock “face” printed, use glue to attach it to a surface like wood, foam board, or plastic and use sealant or glue to seal it. Use a drill to make a hole for your clock parts, attach them, then be sure to add hangers in back and you’re all set!

  3. Create a virtual storybook

    Video editing is challenging. However, there are ways to put together a beautiful digital story with nothing but your smartphone or tablet.

    Choose a selection from the hundreds of photos and videos stored in your phone. You can even scan notable objects from the past year, like concert tickets or postcards. Find an app that allows you to string them together into a cohesive narrative and enjoy the show!

    Later this year, Rosy will release its very own storytelling app, which will work with the Rosy digital family organizer releasing in 2021. It’s a perfect gift for mothers, allowing the whole family to scan and digitize photos and documents, upload digital video, and record narrations to go along with it. What’s even better is your stories will be securely kept in your Rosy account and can be viewed and shared for years to come — it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

    Once you have your story video or slideshow ready to go, use a streaming stick or cable to hook your device up to the big screen and get ready for the happy waterworks.

  4. Get the entire family involved

    When putting together your gift for mom, make sure each member of your family has a role to play in the creation process.

  5. For example, each child could pick out a photo of their choice to include in the photo book or provide specific input on how or what they would like to contribute. By doing this, you ensure that everyone’s unique ideas and beautiful, loving thoughts are included. Working on a gift as a family shows that you all care about how to make your mom feel special!
    If your whole family can’t physically be together to celebrate mom’s special day, don’t fret! To include even more of your inner circle in your Mother’s Day festivities, use the Rosy console and app. With Rosy, it’s easy to virtually add family members to your gatherings through the calling feature, so everyone from grandma and grandpa to Uncle Chaz and Aunt Lucy can join in the fun, even from miles away.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hopefully this list left you with some fantastic ideas for Mother’s Day DIY gifts that focus on the very thing that pulls on Mom’s heartstrings — treasured family memories. Have fun planning a special Mother’s Day and creating your next beautiful memory together.

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