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Best homemade holiday gift ideas

While the holidays are all about spending time with loved ones, it can also be notoriously draining on the pocketbook. From spouses and children to friends and extended family, the list of potential holiday gifts can be quite daunting. With such an extensive list of possible gifts to give, it can often be impossible to purchase a gift for everyone in your life. That is why homemade holiday and Christmas gifts are the perfect solution to saving money and still showing you care.

You may be thinking, "homemade holiday gifts? I don't have the time, and they never turn out how I want them to!" Fortunately, you don't need to spend a lot of time on some of these DIY Christmas gifts, and if they don't turn out how you want them to - it's the thought that counts. Often making something on your own can be much more meaningful, and your friends and family will appreciate the extra steps you took to show them how much you care.

This list of our favorite homemade holiday gifts ranges quite a bit from hard to easy. While some of these homemade Christmas gifts require a bit of planning, others won't take much time or money to create. Regardless of your choice, making your gifts this year can be a great option to not only save you money but may also unlock a creative side you didn't know you had. So, roll up those sleeves, and get ready to start creating with some of our favorite homemade holiday gifts. 

Homemade gifts for the home

Knit blanket

Receiving a blanket as a gift is always well received, and if that blanket was handmade? Even better! If you have the time or skill to work through a knit blanket pattern, try this simple beginner's pattern. If you are rushed for time and don't own a single knitting needle, try this finger-knit method. Finger knitting is an easy, quick way to make a blanket, and all you need is a pattern, yarn, and your fingers! 

knitted blanket

Embroidered tea towels

This is a simple craft that only requires a few embroidery string colors, needles, an embroidery hoop, and a couple of tea towels. This gift can be as simple as an embroidered freehand Christmas tree along the edges or as complicated as a purchased Christmas pattern! (Pro tip: Keep any leftover embroidery string for your kids to make friendship bracelets!) 

Beeswax candles

While these can be more on the time-consuming side, you can make a lot of them as a result. If you are looking for a gift that will cover all of your holiday gift giving in one craft, this is it. To save more money, you can score small jars or teacups from resale stores or even garage sales! You will be shocked at how many cute containers you can make into candles. Follow this step-by-step guide to help you make the perfect holiday candles for your loved ones and make their holidays bright. Literally! 

Woven baskets

You can get as complicated or as simple as you want for a set of woven baskets. From making baskets from newspapers to learning how to weave cane to make intricate basket designs - you are only limited by your creativity. 

Simmer pots

There is something about walking into a house that smells warm and inviting, like the holidays. Often, simmer pots you purchase in the store can have additives or chemicals to preserve the smell. However, these DIY simmer pots are all-natural and chemical-free! Give your loved one the gift of a holiday smelling kitchen, and it will surely put a smile on their face! 

Homemade gifts for bath and body

Homemade soap

There is an incredibly vast world of information and directions on how to make homemade soap. From shea butter soaps to goat's milk soaps, making homemade soap has been around for an extremely long time. Depending on your time, finances, and end goal, you can get very complicated with something like this cold process soap recipe or keep it simple with this soap bar. Whatever path you decide to take, remember to jazz up your soap with cute packaging and ribbon or even add essential oils like mint or evergreen to keep your soap "in season." 

homemade soap

Bath bomb

Bath bombs are perfect for your gal pals this holiday season. A great way to unwind after a long day, simply drop a bath bomb in the bath and watch as they fizzle away and leave a lovely aroma.  

Sugar scrub

Treat your loved ones with this whipped cashmere sugar body scrub. Combining granulated sugar to exfoliate the skin with a foaming bath butter that cleanses, this scrub is a sweet treat for the body!

Lip balm

The winter can be harsh to the face and lips, which is why this homemade lip balm is a fantastic holiday gift. A dab of this lip balm will help nourish and heal chapped lips with its simple ingredients of honey, coconut oil, and the essential oils of your choice.

Bath salts

A bit simpler to put together than the bath bombs, these bath salts are an easy way to gift your loved ones a bit of self-care in a bottle! These salts are easy to combine with any scent of your choice, and when packaged in cute bottles, they are a beautiful addition to any bathroom decor. (Pro tip: Gift these with a bottle of wine for a spa-like holiday gift theme). 

Homemade gifts to eat 

Cookies in a jar 

Have fun layering the dry ingredients of your favorite Christmas cookie recipe in a mason jar. Depending on your audience, you can gift peanut butter, chocolate chip, or even snickerdoodles! This triple chocolate cookie is delicious when baked and looks beautiful dressed up in a mason jar for the holidays! 

cookie mix jar

Soup mix jars

These soups are a great, inexpensive gift that will please any recipient. These jars are an easy DIY Christmas gift that can be quickly made up with many different flavor profiles. From coconut curry to 5 bean soup mix, there is a soup mix out there for every person on your nice list! Check out these recipes for more suggestions!

Hot cocoa mix ornaments

A beloved traditional gift idea, the hot chocolate ornament is the crowd pleaser! With a clear ornament for the outside, pour in a simple powdered hot chocolate mix and layer it with marshmallows and bits of shredded chocolate! Not only will your recipient enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, but they will have a fun ornament leftover as well! Make sure to include a note with instructions so they'll know what to do with their hot chocolate mix. 

Hot chocolate bombs 

If you want to add a spin on your traditional hot chocolate mix (see above), these hot chocolate bombs are the ticket. With chocolatey goodness and marshmallows packed inside a candy shell, dropping a hot chocolate bomb into a warm cup of milk reveals the sweet treat inside. A fun and adorable gift that is simple to make, delicious to drink, and very fun to watch unfold! 

Peppermint bark

A classic holiday gift, peppermint bark is both fun and simple to make. Wrap it up in a festive holiday tin or a clear cellophane wrap and seasonal bows! This peppermint bark recipe is our personal favorite, and our friends are always asking for more! 

Homemade gifts for the kids to make


You can complete this simple craft with cardboard box pieces, glue, and holiday wrapping paper. Cut out rectangle shapes from the cardboard and have the children glue or wrap holiday paper firmly around each rectangle to form a Christmas-style bookmark. If you want to add more flair, feel free to paint, color, or add in glitter, pom poms, and sequins! (Pro tip: If gifting a book, pair it with one of these bookmarks to add some homemade flair!) 

Pipe cleaner ornaments

Encourage your kids to get creative with pipe cleaners! Assemble an assortment of pipe cleaners and beads in various colors, let your children loop and tie together holiday shaped ornaments for their friends and family.

No-sew fleece blankets

An easy and affordable project for your kids to make, these fleece blankets don't take long at all, and they result in a very snuggly and giftable blanket! Kids love to be a part of holiday activities, and making a blanket is something they will always remember! (Pro tip: Fleece is often on sale at your local craft store, so keep an eye out for any pop-up sales!)

Painted tote bag

Everyone needs an extra canvas tote bag - and a personalized one for the holidays is extra special. Perfect for grandparents or other family members, painting tote bags with holiday colors and scenes is a fun way to get the kids involved. If you want your tote bags to be washable, make sure you purchase paint that can safely go through the washing machine, or pick up a set of fabric markers. 

Track your holiday gift spending with the Rosy Go app 

While making gifts can help save you money, the expenses can spiral out. Before you begin your DIY Christmas gifts, you first need to make your gift list, formulate a budget plan, and research what gift you would like to make. Only after those steps are met should you begin purchasing your items and making your crafts. When you have moved onto the purchasing stage, make sure to save all of your receipts and track your expenses

Using an app like Rosy Go, you can upload and save your receipts for every one of your DIY Christmas gifts. Once you upload the receipt, the Rosy Go app will keep track and save all of your receipts so you can check back to make sure you are within your preset budget. Using Rosy Go to help track your expenses is a great way to stay within your budget and know how much you spent per gift.


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