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8 great Father’s Day celebration ideas

  • This Father’s Day, everything’s going to be a little different. There won’t be any big barbecues or flag football games. No theme parks or movie theaters. Probably no dinners at his favorite restaurant or bourbon tastings, either. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make Father’s Day 2020 one of the most memorable yet.

It can be tough to come up with Father’s Day activities  when you’re practicing proper social distancing and quarantine requirements. Thankfully, most immediate families still get to spend this time together, so it’s possible to make the holiday special with a little creativity. Even if Dad is far away due to work, service, or health, we live in a time where we can still connect with technology.

Memories are the greatest gift

Budgets are tight and gifts are harder to come by right now, but that won’t matter as much as creating great memories. While presents are fun, it’s the time spent together (laughing at his dad jokes!) that is really meaningful.

The pandemic makes the days blur together sometimes, so focusing on fond memories goes a long way toward reminding everyone there’s light at the end of this tunnel. While things may feel difficult and monotonous now, we’ll hopefully come out on the other side with our health and our families intact, and that’s what matters most.

As hard as things are right now, many parents are finding that this extra time spent with their children is more precious than they could have known. They can eat together, play together, and learn together. It’s certainly not easy, but it’s time that many working fathers would never normally get to have. This is a time we’ll look back on for the rest of our lives. Let’s make sure at least some of the memories we make are good ones.

Great activities to do with Dad this Father’s Day

If you’re finding it difficult to come up with creative, at-home ways to celebrate Father’s Day we’ve got you covered with several cool activities. Read on!

Father And Sone


  1. Reenact a favorite sport highlight, concert, or entertainment moment

    Does Dad have a favorite sports team? If so, it’s likely there’s also a memorable moment he experienced that cemented his love as a fan. An amazing catch, a last-minute clutch win, a clever play that put the team ahead. Ask him about his favorite sports memory and go about recreating that moment live!

    How? Put together team outfits as a family and have everyone play a role. You can even involve Dad, but be sure not to give him a part that needs a lot of rehearsing. Do it live in the backyard or set up a phone camera to record a recreation and edit the video to show on the big screen TV. You can upload an unlisted video on YouTube, use wireless broadcasting or add the video to your Rosy account. Plus, having video means he can watch it again anytime.

    Dad’s not a sports fan? No worries, this idea works just as well with a memorable concert, play, marathon, or even movie!

  2. Cook a family meal together

    Breakfast in bed is a tradition any parent can get behind. It doesn’t have to end there, however. If your Dad’s a whiz in the kitchen (or on the grill), it’s the perfect opportunity to work together as a family to make his favorite meal a reality.

    Make a detailed shopping list of all the things you need to recreate his favorite dish. Within reason, of course. No one’s expecting an expert chocolate souffle (we hope)! Once you have your list, pick up everything on the usual shopping run or order it delivered. The list will help ensure you only have to make one trip or order.

    On Father’s Day, get cooking! You can choose to let Dad relax or give him a job to do. Take it easy and give him a task he usually enjoys! Let him grill the meat instead of chopping onions. An adult of appropriate age can make him his favorite cocktail or grab him a beer. Talk, laugh, and have fun together. The meal might not be perfect, but the company will be.

  3. Organize an extended family and friends drive-by or social distance tailgate

    By now, you’ve probably seen one or two videos of drive-by birthday parties for people who are spending their birthday quarantined away from their friends and family. Why not organize something similar for Dad?

    Like most of us, fathers are missing their good friends and close family members. Zoom parties are great, but there’s something extra special about getting to see your loved ones in person, even if you can’t get too close. Send out an email, create a private chat group, or call all the important people in his life to ask if they’d be willing to drive by your home to celebrate and wish him well. They can honk, wave, or show signs!

    Another possible option is organizing a “social distance” tailgate or happy hour, where you set up tables and chairs an appropriate distance apart outside (or have people bring their own). As long as everyone maintains appropriate distance and food sharing is kept to a minimum, Dad can get that social interaction we’re all craving. Be sure to check with your neighbors first before organizing an event like this!

  4. Show him all the ways he’s your family’s superhero

    One of the best gifts to give  to do with  Dad is the gift of spending quality time together to  remind him why you and your family love him. Get creative and tell him that no matter what, he’s your superhero.

    Make drawings, write a “movie” script, or make an edited image of him as his favorite superhero. Tell him how the things he does for his family every day make you feel safe, happy, and special. Read comic books together or watch superhero movies. Make him his very own cape and have him wear it!

  5. Send him on a photo collage treasure hunt

    Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? This is a perfect gift for an adventurous Dad.

    First, imagine a collage of favorite family photos pieced together. You can make the collage yourself and then cut it into “puzzle” pieces or print out individual photos and let Dad create the collage later. Choose family photos, vacation memories, favorite teams or movies, ticket stubs, or anything else that feels appropriate.

    Hide each photo or puzzle piece around your home and let Dad loose to find them all. You can choose to give clues or leave him to his own devices. If you’d like to give clues, you can write them on the back of each photo or attach them with a paperclip. For the mega-creatives, you can make each photo its own clue by taking a picture at the location of the next hiding spot!

    Once Dad finds everything, he can assemble them into his very own memorable collage. Don’t forget that you can also create visual memories by scanning photos into the Rosy console and narrating your stories alongside.

  6. Have the whole family record a video of their favorite story about Dad

    Much like the social distance drive-by idea, this requires some organization and prep work. Compose an email asking extended family to record a video of them telling their favorite story involving Dad. It can be funny or sentimental. Anything goes as long as it is made with love.

    People can sometimes ramble if they’re not used to filming video, so consider requesting people keep their story under a certain amount of time. Don’t be too strict and don’t expect that everyone will abide by the guideline, but it might help cut down the length of the video and keep people on track. With the Rosy app, there’s a handy timer so that helps you keep your stories to the perfect length.

    Once you’ve collected the video, you can edit them together into a cohesive story and add music, commentary, pictures, and more to your gift. The Rosy app, releasing later this year, can help you do all of these things!

    On the big day, sit Dad down and play the edited video for him. Seeing everyone and hearing their fondest memories of him is sure to bring a smile to his face.

  7. Build an obstacle course in your outdoor space and do it together

    Does Dad like to spend a lot of time outdoors but hasn’t been able to get out much lately? This is the perfect opportunity to do something together that’s both fun and great exercise.

    Use toys, sporting equipment, lawn furniture, hoses and sprinklers, or other items from around the house to create a (safe!) obstacle course in your yard or other outdoor space. You can weave around objects, jump over or crawl under things, dodge a spray of water, throw a ball through a hoop, or dozens of other activities.

    Make a competition out of it and time one another. If competition isn't really your thing, it’s perfectly fine to just have fun running the course together. If it all ends up in a giant water fight or the dog runs off with one of the toys, well…that’s okay. Still fun!

  8. Put on a variety show featuring his favorite things

    There’s a little thespian in all of us, and that thespian is waiting to perform! Okay, maybe you’re not a natural-born performer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put on a great show for a VIP audience.

    Think of all the things Dad loves, whether it’s art or magic or dancing or sports or poker. Use those ideas to put together a few short performances he can watch. It can be anything at all, even stand-up comedy or singing his favorite songs. It’ll be that much more special because his family are the performers.

    Before you start, be sure to set up a phone or camera somewhere to record the antics so he can always go back and watch later. It’s one part entertainment, one part fun, and a whole lot of love.

Sharing is Caring

We know not everyone can be together right now. There are probably a lot of extended family members and friends who can’t be with Dad, or even kids who are away in their own homes. That’s hard for a lot of parents, so anything you can do to share the joy will be welcome.

2020 has been a heck of a year so far, but thankfully it’s also a year when we have access to video chat, social media, and sharing capabilities. Whatever holiday celebration ideas you decide on this year, make sure to take lots of videos and pictures so that everyone who can’t be there can still feel like they’re part of the fun.

One great way to do that easily and securely is through Rosy, the smart home assistant that digitizes all your important documents and memories. It tells the family story and takes voice narration so every share feels personal. You control exactly who sees your photos and video, every time. You can even make video calls to stay in touch in more meaningful ways!

The waitlist for Rosy is open now. Sign up and get the latest news and updates for the Rosy console and app. Happy Father’s Day!