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6 ways to save your family reunion memories

When you get a family together for a family reunion, it is the optimal time for you to share memories, record histories, and spend time together with the ones you love. It seems that older generations are gone in a flash, and yesterday's toddlers are entering high school tomorrow.

While you can't stop Father Time, you can certainly make sure that you correctly capture and preserve family reunion memories, so generations to come have access. With the number of moving pieces needed to execute a successful family reunion, it is essential to stay as organized as possible from Day 1. When a family goes to the great expense to plan and attend a family reunion, they should also take the same care to document, save, and share family reunion memories. 

Fortunately, since family reunions are still popular today, we found many friends who are family reunion "professionals" and have spent years planning and attending their family reunions. Hopefully, some of these ideas will help as you plan your next family reunion and give you great ideas for preserving and saving your memories for generations to come!


Appoint someone to be in charge

"My husband had to take over the family reunion reins from his mother last year. He was in charge of every single moment, from rooms booked to event planning and keeping track of every photo! While it was a lot of work for him, it made for the smoothest reunion so far."

- Karen M.

Every family reunion needs an organizer who can delegate tasks and make sure that every possible need is accounted for. This doesn't just mean someone who will take pictures and send them out when the event is over. This person needs to be more involved than that. The point person has to be extremely organized, persistent and must pay attention to every detail. With people traveling from multiple locations and keeping track of every event — delegating tasks and keeping track of every nuance is the backbone of a truly well run family reunion. 

This organizer can either be in charge of documentation or delegate the responsibility to someone else. Regardless of whom the responsibility falls to, it helps to delegate this task to a single person. This point person should be in charge of amassing the pictures, videos, documents, or anecdotes and recording them as the events occur. Without a single point person, you run the risk of disorganization, people missing out on photos, and the possibility that your family reunion memories could get lost or misplaced forever. 

Set up a family blog 

"My cousin is very techie and set up a website for last year's family reunion. It helped us book rooms, flights, and after the reunion, he uploaded pictures from the week at the lake!"

- Amanda K.

Like Amanda, you may have someone in your family who is "tech-savvy" and can set up a family website or blog for the reunion. Companies like My Event, WordPress, Blogger, or Wix have easy to use website platforms to share images, videos, or stories from your event. 

Depending on how in-depth you want to go, these sites can even help your guests book their flights, accommodations and provide information about the upcoming fun events at the reunion. Over the past few decades, creating wedding websites for the bride has become the norm. 

Using this trend, we can pivot our content and use it for a family reunion instead! These websites are a great way to store, communicate, and save family reunion memories on the internet. However, be forewarned that these websites and blogs can be accessed by anyone on the internet. If you are concerned with the privacy of your images and videos, perhaps look for a more secure way to share your memories - like the Rosy console.

The Rosy Home console is a digital assistant that helps families preserve memories, and connect and organize digital materials all within a platform that puts user security and privacy first. Unlike other devices or applications on the market today, Rosy was built to help share memories in a private and secure way. If you are concerned about security and also maintaining original ownership and control over your family reunion memories, the Rosy Home console is a fantastic option. 

Upload your family reunion memories to social media

"My Dad's side does a family reunion each year. In recent years, we have created Facebook groups for each reunion, and all the family members are on there for updates throughout the year and pictures are posted there."

- Erica A.

In today's digital age, my family members already have personal social media accounts. Creating a private group where all family members can join and participate is an easy option to share videos and photos. You wouldn't have to delegate a "point person" for this technique, simply create and send out a private group invite to all your family members so they can share images from the event when they can. 

A private group can also continue to function as a place to share memories long after the family reunion has ended and for people who could not attend the event to view what they may have missed. 

However, while social media platforms can be a simple way to upload videos and photos, it may not be the best place to preserve family reunion memories in the long run. From privacy concerns to the possibility of deletion, social media platforms should not be the only place you capture and store your family reunion memories. Make sure you create a backup plan and always save and organize your images in a safe location. 

Get creative!

"My mom's side of the family is huge. My grandmother was the oldest of fourteen kids! One of the cool things they did is have each of the fourteen kids' names as props, and the families of those children would all stand around holding their names."

- Leann S.

Aside from taking traditional pictures and videos, it's important to sometimes think outside of the box! Like Leann's family, creativity can go a long way to make an impression, and these unique images are fun to look back on for years to come. Here are some other ways you can get creative with your family reunion memories:

Create a family tree

Before the event, give everyone a family directory sheet to fill out. The form should have space to input name, date and place of birth, marriage, etc. Once the information is collected, create a sizeable blown-up version of the tree and display it at the event for everyone to view. A family reunion is a time to remember, and this huge tree is a perfect example of how much of an impact one single family can make!  

Set up a photo booth

Everybody likes a photo booth! While you don't have to rent a photo booth for this event specifically, it is simple to make one on your own. Source some props, a fun background, and set up an area with a digital camera. You can even delegate someone with a smartphone to take the photos for a few hours. Direct everyone to take a picture of themselves using the props, and the images can then be sent out to all attendees to review, uploaded to a website, or transformed into a fun photo book! 

Create a photo book or framed artwork 

"At our last family reunion, we took pictures with our iPhones and made an amazing photo book. I still have it on my coffee table to this day!"

- Lisa D.

The easiest way to create a photo book is to have one person collect all the digital photos from the event and compile them into a single album. While everyone will take their own pictures during the event, it is very convenient for one person to have creative control over the family reunion memories. This way, the point person can access a photo service like Snapfish or Shutterfly, create a cohesive book, and offer the completed link to family members to purchase on their own. With access to everyone's photos and not just your own, you can view the event from a different perspective and see images that you otherwise may have missed! 

Another option for your photos is to physically print out photos that were taken at the event. Using the same photo book websites we previously discussed above, print out pictures in various sizes. You can also create unique photo artwork to send to family members. From canvas prints to mousepads and calendars, you can get as creative as you want with your photos. However, make sure that you organize and save your images in a secure location, so you always have backup copies.

Use a third-party application

"We used a private photo-sharing app! Everyone could upload their photos to one spot, and we printed out and saved everything from there."

- Jennifer P.

Using a third-party application like the Rosy Go app, you can privately create and share meaningful memories with your family members. Not only does the Rosy Go app feature voice recordings and securely share your photos, but it also syncs with the Rosy Home console, so you can share and view all your memories with ease, no matter where you are. When you use the Rosy Go app to share your photos and family reunion memories, you can:

  • Securely sync your photos or snap a new one right from the app.
  • Make every photo come to life with the voice recording feature.
  • Send every image/video creation to your loved ones and also invite them to collaborate.
  • Easily record your family oral history to store and share at the event.


To learn more about how the Rosy Go app and Rosy Home console can help you save your family reunion memories, join the waitlist today!