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Your moment of change: how to declutter your life

Decluttering your life is all about removing anything that doesn't align with what you want. It is asking yourself a few questions about a particular item. If the item adds value in some way, you keep it. If it does not, you let it go. 

While it is entirely subjective, try to remove yourself from your emotional attachment and determine if the item is essential to your current lifestyle. If you stumble across one emotional item after the next, and find it difficult to remove the sentimental clutter, take small steps and work at a gentle pace. 

Start the declutter process

While some people can jump into this process without looking back, it could turn into a long multi-step process for some. If you find that this process becomes too difficult to handle, remember to start small and simple. Try not to get overwhelmed. The following steps will help you begin the process of decluttering your life to get back on the path of an organized and clean space. 

Step 1: Pick a shelf, counter, drawer, or bin to start.

Step 2: Arrange all of your items into one pile and only pull out one item at a time. 

Step 3: For each item, ask yourself a series of questions that delve a little deeper into your history and relationship with each item. Ask yourself: "Do I need this?" "Do I use this item regularly?" "Do I love this item?"

Step 4: If your answer is no, then you have a few options. You can recycle, donate, or repurpose. Sometimes, items may also need to be trashed as they are broken or unusable. Use your best judgment, but always try to "rehome" your items if possible. 

Step 5: Put back in place items you are keeping, and make sure your decluttered items find their new homes!

Starting to declutter with this process is a significant first step. However, if you find that you answered all of the questions posed in Step 3, and you still are unsure if you should or should not declutter particular items or rooms, these tips below will help you on a per room basis. 

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Declutter your closet

If your closet is full of clothes you no longer wear, or it is so packed with items that you can't find what you want, it's time to declutter. When you begin asking yourself questions about your wardrobe, make sure you are realistic. Does this item fit? Will it ever fit? Will I ever wear it again? Just because you wore those shorts 15 years ago doesn't mean you will ever wear them again! 

Remove items you will never wear again or hardly ever wear. Space is a premium in your closet, so make sure you utilize all of the available storage you have. Donate items that someone could still cherish, and remove any seasonal items you are no longer wearing. To keep your space neat and tidy, try to do a weekly and seasonal sweep of your closet, removing anything you find that you don't use or wear.

Declutter your kitchen

When you begin to declutter your kitchen, first start by asking yourself what you do most in this space. From bakers to culinary tinkerers, how you organize and lay out your kitchen is essential for both functionality and aesthetics. 

Have the items you use the most easily accessible and those you don't use stored neatly. Try to organize your items in bins, baskets, or square-shaped containers. 

Look at the things in your cabinets with a critical eye. If you have an excessive amount of bowls, plates, cups, and dishware, it's time to declutter your life. That china pattern that your great grandmother gave you that is still in a box? Use it, or donate it. There is no sense to hang onto items in your kitchen that are just expensive dust collectors. 

Remember that when you organize your life and declutter, you are saving space, money, and sanity in the kitchen. Think simple and work at being tidy and neat in your cooking space. 

Declutter your garage

Cords, nails, bikes, power tools, toolboxes, paint cans—the list can go on and on. For many of us, the garage becomes something of a "catch-all." Unfortunately, this catch-all space can quickly spiral out of control, leaving you with a garage full of clutter. 

Start by trying to find homes for misplaced items. You will be shocked at how many things make it out in the garage that belong somewhere else! Once everyone is back in their rightful spot, begin the decluttering process by removing any trash that may have ended up in the space. 

These are typically boxes, bags, or any old paint cans, chemicals, or unusable aerosol items. Before you discard these items, make sure you know how to dispose of paint and chemicals properly. 

Once you are able to remove anything that can be smelling up, or taking up space in your garage, discard any broken seasonal, sports, or garden items that are unusable. After you have trashed and purged, go through the remaining items and try your best at organizing them in your space. Invest in storage materials that can help hang tools and sports and gardening equipment, and collect your items in zones specific to their tasks.  

Declutter hard copy documents with digital copies 

In your pursuit to declutter, you may come across items that you can digitally save. Once you digitally preserve them, it is important to take the time to organize your documents and files.

The Rosy Home console is a great way to save, store, and organize your memories. Rosy Home will help declutter your life by digitizing hard copies of documents or photographs that may otherwise take up physical space in your life—and she will organize them for you.

Using Rosy Home's built-in scanner, each item will be organized, time-stamped, and privately saved whenever you want to view them. You can also take pictures of your items using the Rosy Go app, which can then be uploaded into your private Rosy Vault. When you save your memories with Rosy, you will have the peace of mind that everything will be safe, secure, and always available at your fingertips! 

Begin your declutter journey

When you begin decluttering your life, only you are in charge of determining what items in your life will continue to hold value. When you start, stay open to any transformations that could occur. While you may not pick the very best way to begin decluttering at first, just starting the process is a huge milestone. Begin slowly, and you will soon learn so much about yourself and find out precisely what items you do and do not want in your life. 

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