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The benefits of decluttering your home

From your twenty-fifth fashion scarf, third set of serving dishes, packed closets, storage units filled to the brim, or tabletop figurines in every color of the rainbow — if the amount of stuff in your life has become overwhelming, it may be time to consider decluttering your life.

Before you begin to purge your goods and begin chanting the mantra, "I need to declutter my life," take a breath and realize two important things. Decluttering will take time, and decluttering can be very difficult — but it’s worth it in the end. 

What is decluttering and why is it so difficult?

If you have ever tried to declutter your life and hit roadblocks, you are not alone. It might be simple for some people to donate, trash, or repurpose their belongings, but it can be very emotional for others. Many items people own are repositories for the meaning they project on them. For example, the blanket a grandmother knit before she passed away or a father's high school sweater will always be emotional items that hold memories. These items are challenging to get rid of as they hold value to the owner.

This value-relationship begins early because that is when our love of things is established. As we age, the items we buy embody our sense of self-hood and identity. The collection of our items become markers for memories, relationships, travel, and social status. The more objects we compile, the more we become linked with their existence.

Problems occur when our items or possessions are removed or even destroyed. This removal can become a very emotional trigger. For some, this trigger can be positive (a fresh start) or negative (I miss my sweater; it made me feel comfortable and safe). However, no matter what trigger is engaged, from positive to negative, deciding to declutter your life is a powerful moment of change.

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The benefits of decluttering your life

While there are definite benefits of decluttering, that doesn't mean you should go and toss out every family heirloom or keepsake in your house. In fact, a great way to save these memories in an uncluttered way is to use the Rosy Home console. Rosy's built-in scanner is the perfect way to go paperless and to save digital copies of your important family memories. If the item is not a scannable item, using the Rosy Go app, you can take a picture of the item and upload it into the system.

The Rosy family of products is the perfect way to save, store, and organize your family memories. With the items uploaded and stored within your personal, protected Vault, you will have the peace of mind that your memories are safe and accessible, and you may have also carved out new spaces within your home. 

When you are ready to achieve your mantra: "it is time to declutter my life," you will be shocked at the benefits you will find along the way. Emotional attachments aside, having less stuff can be extremely beneficial to your health and wellbeing. Below are a few reasons why tossing that old sweater or rehoming some of your unused items can help your overall lifestyle.

A decluttered home is easy to clean 

While this one seems obvious, we will go ahead and restate it here. Less stuff equals less stuff to clean. When you remove items from your home, the easier it is for you to keep track of everything. You won't spend hours dusting, scrubbing, or tidying up. Everything is more manageable when you have less stuff in the way.

Save yourself time and money 

When you have a lot of stuff, you spend a significant amount of time trying to find items. When you live with a lot of clutter, items get lost in the shuffle, and not only do you occasionally have to rebuy missing items, but you are liable to spend precious time sorting through the clutter to find something specific. When you declutter, you become much more mindful of your possessions. You become more intentional and careful about new items you purchase, and you will soon find you need less stuff to be happy.

Declutter and destress

The less stuff you have, the happier and less stressful you will be. When hunting for items or constantly cleaning your clutter, you are filled with the anxiety and stress of a cluttered space. Removing items from your home will help alleviate that stress and provide a safe and relaxing environment where you are not constantly worried or on the hunt.   

Experience the freedom

When you begin to detach from your material possessions, a transition takes place. This transition occurs when you begin to place more importance on your experiences rather than on your things. At this moment, you will sense a feeling of lightness and freedom. Some people often feel held down or held back by their attachment to possessions. When you remove those possessions, there is a sense of freedom that allows you to focus more on people and experiences.

Take the step to declutter your life

There is an overlap between the act of organizing your home and decluttering. While these two are similar, organizing your home is more straightforward than decluttering. When you organize a space, you typically move objects around and find new locations within your home. You "tidy" and "clean up." When you declutter, your goal is to remove items from your life completely, and this makes decluttering much more complicated.

When you are able to work through the complications and emotional attachment of removing items from your life completely, you will have less stuff taking up physical space in your home and emotional space in your brain. Start your next chapter and declutter your life today. It may take a while for you to figure it all out, but when you are through the process, you will come out extremely thankful on the other side. 

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