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The history

Wrethink was formed when Arlene Harris, inventor, businesswoman and founder of GreatCall, decided that the world needed a better way to preserve cherished family memories. She struggled with the available do-it-yourself technology when trying to help her own family capture their history. The technology was too complicated, too temperamental and too unreliable for anyone to really use in a meaningful way. She conceptualized the solution: a user-friendly software integrated with the capabilities of a computer, a scanner, and voice and video recorders. This new technology would digitize items and link them to a story captured on video. 

It was a unique, never-before-seen experience that would need to be developed. Arlene decided the time had come to bring her idea to life. Wrethink was launched.

The future

In 2020, Wrethink will debut its first consumer product, Rosy. This revolutionary digital assistant will guide families in preserving memories, organizing digitized materials and activities, and strengthening communications, thus proactively reducing time and stress of family management. We believe Rosy will offer a comprehensive and formidable service to the world—one that will change the way we use technology to manage our lives and relationships.

Our objective is to deliberately develop and maintain a new level of consumer trust utilizing the internet to reconnect the family as a unit.  Our data management and integrated communications systems will bring simplicity, convenience and privacy to everyday experiences and the business of managing homes and families. We seek to pave a new road in data privacy—one that puts users in the driver’s seat of how, when and where their data is used. Rosy is our first step.